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Test Preparation

With over 15 years of experience in standardized test preparation, Academic Advantage has the insight and know-how to help you improve your scores and reach your peak potential! Whether it be SAT/ACT, AP, GRE, GMAT, FSA’s, etc., we can help you raise the bar and excel.

For all exams, there is certain core material needed to master for each test, but that material is customized to what each student needs to focus on. This maximizes efficiency and helps students dramatically increase scores, while having a solid base of knowledge to work from. Using these techniques, many of our students have improved their scores several hundred points. Let our experience work for you to help you feel more confident, and most importantly, excel on the test!


At Academic Advantage, we believe one-on-one tutoring provides the best results, and typically, in-home tutoring is available to make things convenient for students. Nearly all subjects are covered—ranging from Prekindergarten to Graduate School.

We also cover online courses and organizational/study skills. We have been fortunate to see tremendous turnarounds, which not only improve students’ grades, but go a long way to boosting their confidence—not to mention strengthening their chances of getting into the college of their choice!

College Apps & Essays

Getting into college is more competitive than ever before. We can assist you whether you are applying to college, graduate school, internships, law school, an MBA program, medical school or seeking scholarships, helping you to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd!

Having worked in the field for nearly two decades, we have the experience and expertise to help you with your essays/personal statements. Academic Advantage has helped students succeed with their applications, whether it be local colleges or the most elite Ivy League schools in the nation!

About Us

Academic Advantage covers Broward and Palm Beach counties with almost all subjects and nearly all tests. AA has worked with students as young as prekindergarten to students in their eighties—taking college courses. AA is also US government approved.

At Academic Advantage, we work one-on-one with students, or upon request, in small groups of two to three students Sessions are typically in-home, or if preferred, at an alternate location such as a Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, library, etc.  READ MORE

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Why Choose Us?

  • Experience

    Tutoring and test prep for students of all ages for over 15 years.

  • We Deliver Results

    We know students can improve with the right techniques and a passionate teacher!

  • We love what we do

    We take great pride in our students' successes!